Hello, I’m Pepsi

Hello. I’m Pepsi and I live at Haysfield with my best friend Mr Darcy. I am a Welsh Mountain (Section A) pony and Mr Darcy is a Welsh Cob ( Section D) so we belong to the same breed society. It’s just that he’s a lot bigger than me!!

Darcy & Pepsi love in sf

I’m only 11.3hh but it means that very little children can fit on me without getting over-stretched and uncomfortable.
As I am now 20 years old I have been there and done it all -pony club activities, jumping, showing and hunting and looked after many children and had lots of fun but was ready for a quieter life.
When I came to Nicky’s a year ago it was to do a totally different job – carrying and looking after under 5 year old disabled children so Nicky can treat them with Physiotherapy. Apparently I’ve taken to it like a duck to water-I hope I don’t look like one!
The bit I like the best is when a session’s finished Nicky helps the children to say thankyou to me -either sitting or standing and they maintain their balance while trying to stroke me-I find it very magical when a child who’s hand is normally tightly fisted can suddenly stretch fingers and stroke me-I don’t move a whisker even when the finger goes in my nostril in case I put them off! I feel very important that I am helping them.
I always try to please and am very gentle-I never bite or kick-that would be very rude!
My life at Haysfield is very peaceful and I have plenty of yummy grass both here and at Mandy’s place .I have a lovely stable with a deep comfortable bed, particularly nice in the winter!
I have many people who look after my well being.

  • One of the most important is Mandy Rye, a very experienced horseperson, who is willing to step in if Nicky needs help either looking after me and Mr Darcy or help leading me for the client if someone’s away or ill. A true friend to us all!
  • My farrier is Richard Champness and comes every 6 weeks and he looks after my feet very well which is great because I do quite a lot of walking.
  • My equine physiotherapist comes every 3 months-Jenny Hadland -to make sure my body is kept in tip top condition and to treat me when necessary.
  • My equine dental practitioner Derek Carson comes yearly – there’s nothing worse than having sharp teeth-they can be very painful and make one a bit grumpy!
  • My house-sitters Amie and Marie always look after me so well when Nicky is away.
  • All my leaders are so nice; they dont pull me around the arena which is a bit undignified,or hold me so tight that the bit pinches my mouth which is really uncomfortable. They talk to and re-assure me if a child is being difficult and we stand still together.
  • Last but not least is Nicky’s husband Chunks-is that really a human name?!!-who looks after the fields and yard so our grass is lovely and stables in good condition-he also stands in if Nicky needs him to and does a brilliant job!

All in all I really love my job and the feeling that I’m helping the children

Pepsi Hipponi