About Hipponi

I started Hipponi  in 2013.  The name is derived from:

HIP – PONI     which Pepsi certainly is.   HIPPO -  NI    which is HIPPOtherapy  and NIcky.

When I was offered Pepsi on loan from Tanya Hebbard I could not miss the opportunity of using such an ideal and amazing pony for the benefit of disabled children. I already had the facilities to  do one on one private hippotherapy sessions, so in August 2013  Hipponi  started at Haysfield.

It is a not for profit entity which relies on a fixed donation  to cover the cost of running a dedicated pony, and for the equipment needed for the children.

If you are interested in what Hipponi can offer, please contact me. I always carry out an initial assessment of potential candidates to ensure they are suitable for Hippotherapy before starting a treatment plan.