Introducing ‘Tia Honey’


Honey 1

I came to Haysfield in August 2015 All the way from Yorkshire where I have lived all my life.
I am 10 years old and a palomino welsh section A -the same as Pepsi but slightly taller.
I have done a lot of showing in hand and done quite well winning the championship at one show. I have been ridden by lots of little children and am very laid back.
My first week here was very busy -first Richard the farrier came the day after I arrived to trim my feet, the next day  the homeopathic vet came to see Pepsi and had a look at me, the the vet arrived a few days later to give me my first ever vaccination for tetanus-I was a brave little soldier and was really good as she did my teeth as well. Nicky’s equine dentist Derek came by the following week to meet me .I am also being checked over by Jenny Hadland the equine physiotherapist-whew!!

I am great friends with Pepsi as we mutually groom each other over the stable door-poor Pepsi has to stay in the stable till her feet are better but I keep coming to talk to her when I can spare a minute from eating! I really like Darcy but unfortunately he doesn’t like me so aren’t allowed to graze together! I’m sure I can win him over!

Leonie now on  bigger pony - very excited

Leonie now on bigger pony – very excited


I was introduced to the children gradually and last week started proper sessions -I really like helping the children and am trying very hard not to put a hoof wrong. Nicky is very pleased with me .She also wants to show me next summer when my coat will be golden-I go pale with my winter coat – that will be fun as a girl does like to be pampered.

Cheryl Bezants who used to school Darcy and taught Nicky came to help her to teach me to lunge & long rein-never heard of it-and within two sessions was lunging like a pro! She also started riding me but I started honking like a goose -It turned out I had a collapsing soft palate and had an operation to help it but still honked! Then my feet became very sore- X-rays showed historic laminitis so now I have remedial shoes!! Ahh its like wearing an expensive pair of trainers -I feel as if I’m walking on air!!

Well I’ve just had my neck manipulated under sedation and it was well jammed up but now I feel better ! Hopefully now I’m in excellent health !!